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Neurotrac Simplex Biofeedback



The Neurotrac Simplex is a simple to operate, low cost single channel EMG Biofeedback device.

The Neurotrac Simplex is a simple to operate, low cost single channel EMG Biofeedback device.

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~~Features and benefits: Single channel EMG unit

Multlingual PC Database system with fibre optic cable link to computer available

Used as an EMG biofeedback or diagnostic tool

Measures EMG from 0.2V to 2000V

Designed to be used for a wide range of physiotherapy applications, such as: incontinence, shoulder and neck pains, patello femoral pain, repetitive strain injury, stroke, plus many more • Used as a learning tool for both patients & clinicians with emphasis on improving rehabilitation techniques

Produces and prints comprehensive patient progress reports of EMB work/rest averages, onset contraction and muscle release times, peak values, work/rest average deviations with the optional software

Easy to use software available Concealed button enables Therapists to:

Lock the programme settings

Record the total trials

Recorded average work and rest microvolt levels

Record average onset and release times

Record valid onset and releases The Neurotractm Simplex is a simple to operate, low cost single channel EMG Biofeedback device.

The Neurotrac Simplex has been developed for its ease of use, to assist the therapist and most importantly the patient to understand the importance of applying EMG, to enhance the understanding of muscle activity and to improve muscle conditioning. The Neurotrac Simplex also acts as a diagnostic tool to measure the muscle activity, which is measured in microvolts [one millionth of a volt].

The Neurotrac Simplex is a single channel EMG [Electromyography] device that has been designed to use with a variety of applications in particular Continence Diagnosis and Biofeedback Pelvic Floor Training, it can also be used be used very effectively for Sports and General Physiotherapy applications.

The Neurotrac Simplex is an accurate and sensitive device that measures muscles activity down to as low as 0.2µ [Microvolts] and up to 2000 µV. The diverse range enables the device to measure very weak muscle activity for example in flaccid pelvic floor muscle.

The Neurotrac Simplex will stand upright on a flat surface enabling the user to carry out specific exercises and at the same time view the Biofeedback by way of bright LED lights on the front of the unit. At the end of the session that may entail five trials of 5 seconds work and 5 seconds rest for the activity, the LCD screen will automatically display the average muscle readings for the session. If the unit is locked al the sessions will be added together to form the overall average reading for the given period, giving the number of trials performed and the average muscle activity.

The Neurotrac Simplex is a low cost device, which makes it possible to use the device when linked as a dual channel EMG device or even to form a four-channel system.

Channels Single channel EMG Range 0.2 to 2000µV RMS (continuous)

Sensitivity 0.1 µV RMS Accuracy 4% of µV reading ± -0.3 µV at 200 Hz

Selectable bandpass filter - 3db Bandwidth

a. Wide: 18Hz ± 4 Hz to 370 Hz ± 10% - Reading below 235 microvolts 10 Hz ± 3 Hz to 370 Hz ± 3 Hz to 370 Hz ± 10% - Reading above 235 microvolts

b. Narrow: 100 Hz ± 5% to 370 Hz ± 10% Notch filter 50 Hz (Canada 60 Hz) - 33 dbs (0.1% accuracy) Common mode rejection ratio 130 dbs Minimum @ 50 Hz

Battery PP3 Alkaline Work/rest periods 2-99 seconds Number of trials 1-99

Low battery indication at 7.4 volts ± 0.2 volts and automatic shut off 10 minutes after last key pressed, unless infra-red is turned on

Physical dimensions Length 128.5mm, Width 64mm, Depth 28.3mm, excluding belt clip Weight 0.15kg

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