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Gymstick Aqua – Multiple Resistance



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Light - Green - (IS2305)
Medium - Blue - (IS2310)
Strong - Black - (IS2315)

Dynamic Movement Aqua Gymstick

The Aqua Gymstick, coupled with the unique and consistent qualities of water resistance are great for movement and targeted strength training.

You can change the resistance level simply by rotating the stick, which wraps the band over the end.

Each rotation is an increase in resistance.

Suitable for use with the elderly, the Aqua Gymstick is fun and easy to use.

Motivate your clients (or yourself!) and achieve more in the pool.


A soft water resistant foam grip, and an adjustable foot strap that stops the bands from slipping off your foot whilst exercising in the water.

Package includes

A stylish fabric carry bag and a Gymstick workout poster.

There are 3 models of Aqua Gymstick to choose from. The colour is related to the resistance level, with black being the strongest.

Use the table below

  • Green: For group aqua training, rehabilitation and seniors. Resistance range 1 to 10kg
  • Blue:For group aqua training, junior athletes & women. Resistance range 1 to 15kg
  • Black: For group aqua training, fit women and men. Resistance range 1 to 120kg