Product Code: PL2027

DMA Platformer Reformer

Brand: DMA

A very versatile apparatus that is great for improving function, strength, postural stability and proprioception, through a large range of exercises. Boasting super smooth stainless-steel tracking and strong tubular steel manufacturing, the construction quality of the platformer is unsurpassed. 


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Focused workout on lower limb
  • Strong tubular stainless steel sleeve construction
  • Smooth tracking system


  • Provides another treatment option tool for your clinic
  • Great if you’ve got limited space
  • Easy to move & store
  • Perfect for long term pain management

Size & Weight

  • Length 150cm W 40cm H 8cm
  • Weight 17kg

Size & Weight

  • Lenght 150cm W 40cm H 8cm
  • Weight 17kg

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