Product Code: G-US2235

Chattanooga Intelect Mobile Combo – Ultrasound & Stims

Brand: chattanooga
Option Price Quantity
Colour Screen - (US2235)
Mono Screen - (US2240)

Intelect Advanced Combo

  • Surface EMG and muscle activated electrical stimulation using VMS (for greater patient comfort),
  • Symmetrical Biphasic (TENS),
  • Asymmetrical Biphasic (TENS), or
  • Russian Waveforms.

Designed to be installed the Therapy System Cart, the sEMG and sEMG Stim module is further enhanced by the Clinical Protocol and Electrode Placement information exclusive to the Intelect Advanced Therapy range.

sEMG data can be recorded onto the optional sEMG Data Card and viewd in graph form via the optional Patient Data Management software.

This module is included with the Intelect Advanced Therapy System Stim and Combo with Colour Screen, models (2765CS or 2762CC); or can be added to any of the other Intelect Advanced Therapy System Units.

 By Chattanooga, the trusted brand in quality electrotherapy.

The combination of Dual Frequency Ultrasound, and two independent channels of Interferential and Stims. This series of units offers the clinician a sophisticated system of modalities, evidence based Clinical Protocols and upgradeable software with the ability to add modules of therapy.

With a user friendly interface and high resolution screen, features such as the anatomical graphical library add further value to the comprehensive package.

Upgrade and Accessory Options:

  • sEMG and sEMG + Electrical Stimulation module
  • Extra channels of Stim module
  • Laser module
  • Portable battery module
  • Vacuum electrode system
  • Therapy cart
  • Patient remote controls
  • Patient Data Card and Software Management system
  • Iontophoresis accessories
  • Ultrasound applicators: 1cm², 2cm², 5cm², 10cm²
  • Carry bag
  • Hi Volt probe

Models Available:

  • Intelect Advanced Therapy Combo Unit with Colour Screen (2752CC)
  • Intelect Advanced Therapy Combo Unit with Colour Screen with sEMG & sEMG Stim (2762CC)
  • Intelect Advanced Therapy Combo Unit with Monochromatic Screen (2772MC)

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