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Bledsoe Ultimate Dynamic Brace

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Function To prevent abnormal motion and provide range of motion control of the knee. Pushes tibia posterior during extension for ACL symptoms and pushes tibia anterior during flexion for PCL problems. Description Aluminium alloy frame weighs less than .45kg. Adjustable condyle pads. Pivoting anti-migration strap. Optional Extras special order only. Patella guard, Padded cover, unpadded cover, Sports pad kit. Neoprene under sleeve. Steel reinforcements provide additional MCL protection during side impact. Indications ACL/PCL injuries &other multi directional knee instabilities. Increases support to the knee following injury to, or reconstruction of the anterior cruciate. CODE SIZE CALF CIRC. (MMS) THIGH CIRC. (MMS)_x000D_ _x000D_ The Bledsoe Ultimate Dynamic is a a high-activity, sport functional knee brace designed with "muscle-powered" dynamic force to place increasing posterior force against the tibia as the knee moves into extension to reduce symptoms of ACL deficiency or laxity. It can also be adjusted to place an anterior force against the calf as the knee is flexed to reduce symptoms of PCL deficiency._x000D_ _x000D_ Features include:_x000D_ _x000D_ Pivoting anti-migration straps keep the brace from slipping down the leg_x000D_ Steel reinforcements provide additional MCL protection during side impact_x000D_ Featherlight metal frame is durable, yet weighs less than 1 lb. (.45 kg)_x000D_ Adjustable condyle pads_x000D_ Custom versions available upon request

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