Product Code: 9-2000024

Bambach Saddle Seat with Drafting Foot Ring



Ergonomically designed adjustable height saddle seat

Ergonomically designed adjustable height saddle seat

The trunk support can bend to fit the shape of the sitter. It has adjustable front belt for extra safety as an option for the user. The Saddle Seat is combined with the trunk support and is adjustable for height and angle.
The Bambach Saddle Seat has a tilt adjustment so that the seat can accommodate varying pelvic positions in order to achieve maximum correct spinal posture.
The Bambach Saddle Seat is shaped like a saddle to enable the body to maintain ideal posture when sitting. With the Saddle Seat there is no need for lumbar support because the correct lumbar curve is maintained naturally rather than artificially. The seat provides all the adjustments to allow the sitter to find a "natural" spinal position. The back rest on the seat is optional being used purely as a "rest" and adjusts for height and angle. Ideal for an office task seat.
Five year warranty on all parts Seat Tilt
Height adjustable gas stem
Black 5 star base (chrome base optional)
Standard furniture twin wheel hooded castors
Fabric Vinyl: Cinder, Spearmint, Skyblue, Balmain Blue, Black and Teal Wool: Navy and Black Wheels: Nominate Carpet or Vinyl surface

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