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Agility Ladder – 8Mtr

Brand: Access
Access Health


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The Agility Ladder is a time-tested and proven effective tool for improving your footwork.

The training effect is like jump rope, but with several advantages.

First, agility ladder training is multi-directional. In most sports, you are not staying in one spot. You are moving forward, sideways, and sometimes backwards.

Second, your feet are also allowed to move independently in more complex patterns than a jump rope allows.
And third, the cycle time can be increased greatly, because you are not limited by the speed of the rope turn.

The result is that you can train your feet to move quickly through complex footwork patterns.

Key Features:

  • 16 sturdy flat rungs 24 feet long
  • Carrying bag for easy storage
  • Detailed training guide with sample exercises and workout guidelines