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ACCESS 3 Sided Stairs 2 + 3 up 4 down (3rd side seperate 2 step)



Available for Pre-Order. This item will be available on a future date.

Rehabilitation Steps

All wooden construction with hand rails. Available in either straight or corner styles. Non-slip tread surfaces 75cm wide x 30cm deep without lips. Top landing 75cm square. Handrails 900mm high.

Three sided

6 x 9cm steps UP 4 x 13.5cm steps DOWN3rd side 3 x 17.66

NB 3rd side needs to be bolted upon delivery


3 x 13cm 2 x 19.5cm steps 1700mm long (width - door clearance 950mm)

4 x 13.5cm 3 x 18cm steps. 2300mm long (width - door clearance 950mm)


3 x 13cm 2 x 19.5cm steps 1500mm long x (width - door clearance 1300mm)

4 x 13.5cm 3 x 18cm steps. 1700mm long x (width - door clearance 1600mm)

One SIDE only

2 x 13.5cm Platform 75cm square

3 x 13.5cm Platform 75cm square

4 x 13.5cm Platform 75cm Square

NB. Please check your doors for entry

NB Can be customised to your needs

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