Product Code: FB2273

Jinglin’Ball – 50cm

Brand: Fitball


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The Jinglin’ Ball is a great resource for both children and the visually impaired. As the bells jingle while the ball is moving, it can help to foster spatial perception.

It’s a great tool for working on auditory tracking for people with visual impairments, as well as an excellent support for energetic play with children. The bells have clear sounds that require very little effort and movement in order to be heard. This is a fantastic ball for use as both a therapy tool and a play toy.

This is a 55cm (diameter) inflatable ball that is transparent with small bells inside. The pump is not included, but you can buy it here.

Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC. All our products come with a one-year supplier warranty.

Note: As with any inflatable, this ball should not be used on any surface containing sharp, pointed objects due to the risk of punctures and bursts.

Please ensure you use the correct pump to inflate the ball as advised above. If you use the incorrect pump, it may not generate enough pressure to inflate the ball to its maximum diameter.

  • Diameter - 55cm.
  • Transparent ball.
  • Inflatable ball.
  • Made with latex and phthalate-free PVC.
  • small bells inside.
  • Diameter – 55cm.