Equipment Hire Terms & Conditions
  1. The period of hire will commence on the day of collection/delivery and remain in full force until the equipment is returned to Access Health.
  2. All new hires will be charged for a minimum of two weeks.
  3. Hire charges will be quoted on a weekly basis subject to change without notice.
  4. Hire stock is subject to availability.
  5. Payment for the full rental cost will be due at the commencement date of the hire.
  6. Credit card details and proof of identification must be supplied prior to hire commencing.
  7. The initial term may be extended in units of one week at the agreed weekly price but only on prior agreement of Access Health.
  8. If the Equipment is kept, without prior agreement, for any partial weeks beyond the initial two weeks hire, Access Health may treat a partial week as a full week and charge the full weekly amount.
  9. The Hiree is responsible for ensuring the equipment is returned on the final day of Hire or will become liable for a further period of hire. 
  10. Any costs in relation to the delivery and collection of the equipment will be quoted and agreed separately.  Delivery and Collection charges will be payable at the same time as the hire charge at the commencement of hire.
  11. GST is payable on both hire and freight.
  12. The Hiree assumes all responsibility for any injuries and/or damage that may be caused or sustained through the operation of the hire equipment.
  13. The equipment will be sanitised, and safety checked prior to collection/delivery.
  14. The Hiree will inform Access Health of any damage to the unit immediately and will stop using the machine.
  15. All equipment is to be returned to Access Health in good working order.
  16. All equipment will be inspected upon its return.
  17. A replacement cost will be charged for any lost or non-returned equipment.
  18. All repairs will be conducted by Access Health only. The Hiree will be responsible for the cost of repairs beyond reasonable wear and tear. The cost charged will be the lesser of replacement or repair.
  19. Access Health reserves the right to deduct from the nominated credit card any outstanding hire charges, repairs or replacement costs for equipment damaged, lost or not returned.
  20. Access Health reserves the right to terminate the Hire earlier upon notice to the customer.
  21. Hire equipment remains the property of Access Health.