EMPI 300PV™ Muscle Stimulators

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KEY FEATURES FES (NMES) for muscle stimulation TENS for Pain control High Voltage for treatment of swelling Digital on screen display

Dual channel External trigger capabilities used for Drop foot rehab   300PV™ -

The 3 in 1 replacement for the FOCUS FES unit: FES (NMES)

The only unit with external trigger capabilities for GAIT TRAINING and FES Rehab Guidelines Hand Rehabilitation -  Gait Training  - Lumbar Stabilization  - Neurologic Shoulder Spasticity Treatment - Wrist Rehab - Low Back Pain - Post-Op Shoulder Management  Orthopaedic Knee Rehab -  MOTOR POINTS Charts   High Voltage  For decreasing swelling & increasing local circulation.

This portable Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMES) device is a multi-function electrotherapy system, with the ability to function as a FES, TENS, and High Volt. Device.

The 300PV offers all the flexibility and power of the larger, more costly tabletop “clinic” devices in a portable package that runs on rechargeable AA batteries. This makes it ideal for both clinic and home use.

You can choose from the 9 FES pre-programmed regimes  and 4 High Volt pre-programmed regimens for a broad range of applications or choose to  customize your own  individual programs .  

Advantages of The 300 PV NMES system

·         Multiple pre-programmed regimens

·         Adjustable parameters 

·         External trigger capabilities 

·         Dual channel

·         Added 300 PV Features Data collection

·         Program locking 

·         Load sensing capabilities 

·         Individual programs .


Amplitude             NMES 0–100 mA   

High Volt               300 V

PULSE WIDTH     50-400 μsec   

High Volt               10 μsec

FWHM                    WAVEFORM              

NMES                    Symmetric or asymmetric  

Biphasic,               zero net change

PULSE RATE       High Volt Twin peaked, monophasic, or biphasic

Short Description The only Muscle stimulator with external trigger capabilities for GAIT TRAINING and FES Rehab Guidelines
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