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  • EMPI 300PV™ Muscle Stimulators

EMPI 300PV™ Muscle Stimulators

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2-7000037 EMPI 300 PV Muscle Stimulator KIT300PV $990.00
2-7000026 Hand Trigger $180.00
2-7000025 Heel Trigger $180.00

Digital on screen display

Dual channel External trigger capabilities used for Drop foot rehab   300PV™ -

The 3 in 1 replacement for the FOCUS FES unit: FES (NMES)

The only unit with external trigger capabilities for GAIT TRAINING and FES Rehab Guidelines Hand Rehabilitation -  Gait Training  - Lumbar Stabilization  - Neurologic Shoulder Spasticity Treatment - Wrist Rehab - Low Back Pain - Post-Op Shoulder Management  Orthopaedic Knee Rehab -  MOTOR POINTS Charts   High Voltage  For decreasing swelling & increasing local circulation.

This portable Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMES) device is a multi-function electrotherapy system, with the ability to function as a FES, TENS, and High Volt. Device.

The 300PV offers all the flexibility and power of the larger, more costly tabletop “clinic” devices in a portable package that runs on rechargeable AA batteries. This makes it ideal for both clinic and home use.

You can choose from the 9 FES pre-programmed regimes  and 4 High Volt pre-programmed regimens for a broad range of applications or choose to  customize your own  individual programs .  

Advantages of The 300 PV NMES system

  • Multiple pre-programmed regimens
  • Adjustable parameters 
  • External trigger capabilities 
  • Dual channel
  • Added 300 PV Features Data collection
  • Program locking 
  • Load sensing capabilities 
  • Individual programs .


  • Amplitude             NMES 0–100 mA   
  • High Volt               300 V
  • PULSE WIDTH     50-400 μsec   
  • High Volt               10 μsec
  • FWHM                    WAVEFORM              
  • NMES                    Symmetric or asymmetric  
  • Biphasic,               zero net change
  • PULSE RATE       High Volt Twin peaked, monophasic, or biphasic

Short Description The only Muscle stimulator with external trigger capabilities for GAIT TRAINING and FES Rehab Guidelines
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