Rehabilitation Equipment

Rehabilitation Equipment Access Health Rehabilitation Equipment includes all equipment required to help rehabilitate people after surgical procedures, heart attacks, strokes and accidents. This rehabilitation involves, surgeons, allied health professionals including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Sport’s Medicine Professionals. Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Myotherapists, massage therapists and carers. Initial Equipment involved includes Manipulation Tables. Neurological tables, Traction Tables, Massage Tables, Tilt Tables and Patient Trolleys.  In addition there is Electrotherapy modalities such as Ultrasounds, Interferential, Muscle stimulators, TENS, CPMs.  Other treatments include Hot and Cold Therapy and controlled exercise, where resistive exercise bands and tubes provide an important initial assistance. Strength training includes the use of Cuff Weights and Dumbbells, right up to Weight stations such as Multi-Gyms Cardiovascular rehabilitation can include, Treadmills and Bikes along with equipment to monitor Heart Rate. Objective Measurement is an important aspect of Rehabilitation, so a range of ROM, HRT, Strength Testing, Blood Pressure, are an important areas requiring a range of equipment. Occupational Therapists require a battery of equipment to help patients relearn Fine Motor Skills. Rehabilitation does not end in the hospital so a range of equipment might be required to help people in the home, such as: Manual Wheelchairs & Power chairs, Walking & mobility aids, Bedroom Equipment and Seating. Read More

Shoulder Finger Ladder Wooden

Shoulder Finger Ladder Wooden

• This self-challenging tool is designed to offer progressive motion exercises for the shoulder, elb..


Ankle Joint CPM


ACCESS Electric Walking Rails

ACCESS Electric Walking Rails

Our NEW design Electric Parallel bars enables the practitioner to quickly and simply adjust the heig..


ACCESS Walking Rails Folding 4 Metre Wooden Hand Rail

ACCESS Walking Rails Folding 4 Metre Wooden Hand Rail

3m, 4m Fixed, folding customised sizes..


Dynamic Stair Trainer -  DST

Dynamic Stair Trainer - DST

The Dynamic Stair Trainer has electric height adjustable steps with parallel bars..


ACCESS Rehabilitation Corner Stairs

ACCESS Rehabilitation Corner Stairs

All wooden construction with hand rails. Available in either straight or corner styles. Non-slip tr..


ACCESS Platform Step -  2 step

ACCESS Platform Step - 2 step

With castors on one side and hand holes on the other. high visibility Tape Non slip coating on top..


ACCESS Corner Stairs 2 up 3 down with Stainless Steel Rails

ACCESS Corner Stairs 2 up 3 down with Stainless Steel

ACCESS Corner Stairs 2 up 3 down with Stainless Steel Rails -Handrails bolt into position on deliver..


Step Up Box H100mm x W400mm x D350mm

Step Up Box H100mm x W400mm

Modular wooden steps..


ACCESS Curb and Ramp


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