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Tecnodent Serenity Care 200 Gynaecological Chair - HPV contract product


Fully Functional Gynaecology chair, slow mode motor

Fully Functional Gynaecology chair, slow mode motor

HPV contract product Electric height low controlled by an easy to use foot pedal allows precise height adjustment for every procedure – it ensures the surgeon, gynaecologist or midwife does not need to stoop or bend to see hence reducing back injury or pain during long procedures

Seat tilt positioning allows precise positioning of the patients hips to perform certain procedures and ensure good outcomes – we know for example the hips need to be slightly boosted for artificial insemination to get the best outcome

An electric head up will provide comfort and security for the patient – it is published that a woman feels more secure and dignified if she has some visibility of the doctors doing the procedure

Easy to achieve trendelenburg is required for some clinical procedures, but more often in emergency situations and is easily achieved the anti-crush system ensures maximum safety for the patient and the users - it detects objects underneath the platform, and prevents descent.

The use of foot pedals allows "hands off" positioning freeing up hands for infection control, reasons and during sterile procedures, - the hands can remain clean whilst the surgeon chooses his position carefully and precisely .


Min. seat height 550mm Max. seat height 950mm

Seat tilting 15 °

Backrest tilting -15/ 72 °

Trendelenburg -15 °

Seat dimensions 610x365mm

Backrest dimensions 610x900mm

Headrest dimensions 160x275mm

Bed length (w/o leg rest) 1265mm

Max. lifting capability 200kg

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