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Set of 4 Vaginal Weights



Set of 4 Vaginal Weights

Set of 4 Vaginal Weights

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Ladycare Vaginal Weights Vaginal cones * Safe, Easy-to-use, Effective * Improve bladder control and get strong pelvic floor muscles by regular use of LadyCare.

You will exercise the quick squeeze (strength) and endurance in a few minutes a day.

LadyCare comes in set of 4, or as single weights 20, 30, 40 & 60 g as follows:

Green (20g) Will help you find the muscle: Awareness.

Yellow (30g) Builds up and maintains a short muscle contraction.

Red (40g) Builds up and maintains a longer muscle contraction.

Black (60g) Maintains a muscle contraction of 6 - 8 seconds.

LadyCare is developed in co-operation with Physiotherapists. Based on research showing difficulties with current products, LadyCare developed a total new products using a different construction and design, fitting the female anathomy.

Therefore LadyCare has a flat bottom, in order to:

be able to stay in place on top of the pelvic floor (following the slope of the vagina)

be able to facilitate the muscles, especially when moving about

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