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RT300-SLSA: FES cycle with electrical stimulation for Arms, Legs & Trunk



FES cycle with electrical stimulation for Arms, Legs & Trunk

  FES cycle with electrical stimulation for Arms, Legs & Trunk

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The RT300 Leg | Arm | Core incorporates all of the muscle therapy capabilities of the RT300 product line, including iFES leg or arm & core muscle therapy.

How it works
A clinician will customize the stimulation settings to evoke the desired muscle contraction for each muscle group. The settings will be adjusted to accommodate the patients level of sensation and therapeutic needs.
Sensation varies greatly between someone with a complete vs incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, or traumatic brain injury - the ability to customize the stimulation settings is critical for patient comfort, safety and outcomes. Full stimulation customization is unique and only available with Restorative Therapies iFES devices.

Stimulation pads are placed on the target muscle groups and the clinician will conduct muscle testing to ensure optimal response. After the settings are customized and the muscle testing is complete, the warm-up step will begin to slowly move the body and ramp up the stimulation. The therapy session will begin and at the end will go to a cool down mode. Warm-up and cool-down modes are to keep patients comfortable and safe. Active therapy ensures that the appropriate levels of resistance and stimulation are applied to optimize session results.

What is Included:

  FES cycle with electrical stimulation for  arms, legs and trunk
  SAGE controller
  Rams horn hand grips
  RT60 six channel stimulators
  Stimulation cable
  Optional adjustable UE crank arms for pediatric and cva
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