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Reboundoz Gym Rebounder


Specifically made for the gym environment and designed for continual use.

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The Reboundoz GymRebounder is unlike any rebounder made. It is specifically made for the gym environment and designed for continual use. The Reboundoz Gym Rebounder weighs over 14kgs pounds and is made of high yield steel. The mat material is the same quality of the trade name PERMATRON but less slippery when wet from sweat. There are over 1000 stitches in the mat and the weight capacity is 137kgs. The Reboundoz GymRebounder is available in non-fold. half-fold & Quarter-FoldModels. The spring cover is made from heavy duty oxford cloth and is pulled back several inches from the mat to allow for more surface space to Rebound. The chrome legs are securely held in by inner spring legs and the legs are supported by heavy duty rubber tips. The 36 springs are jumbo tapered(wide belly) and are supported by steel pins.

All models can be fitted easily with a stabilizer bar.

An attachable accessory to any model of the ReboundAIR. The stabilizing bar allows for increased balance and confidence on the rebounder without decreasing the area of mat space available for exercise. The stabilizing bar

ReboundAIR Product Specifications

Heavy-grade, all steel, round frame
Weight: 31 pounds
Diameter: 40 inches.

Mat material
The mat material used in the URBAN REBOUNDING Fitness Equipment is designed to provide a resilient bounce. The material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, doesn't break down like other fabrics, and prevents moisture absorption.

To assure strength and resilience, the mat is sewn together using high-grade nylon thread with two layers of strong polypropylene webbing stitched around the mat's edge.

To assure a soft bounce, the springs on the URBAN REBOUNDING Fitness Equipment are cylinder-like in design, with individual spring mounting pins to help prevent frame wear. Unlike other equipment, in which springs are hooked to the frame (which can lead to breakage), the pins on the URBAN REBOUNDING Fitness Equipment are riveted through the frame.

The URBAN REBOUNDING protective cover is narrower than most rebounders, allowing more surface space on which to exercise.

Folding Legs:
The spring-loaded legs fold for easy storage.

Rubber Tips:
URBAN REBOUNDING Fitness Equipment uses rubber tips to help prevent scratching on the floor. The exercise can be done on a wood floor or carpet.

Optional Stabilizing Bar
The stabilizing-bar is an optional accessory that is easily attached to the URBAN REBOUNDING Fitness Equipment

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