Product Code: 9-3000059

Plinth 2000 L50 Leg Ulcer Treatment Chair - BARIATRIC 320kgs



contract product Venous leg ulcers are among the most-common chronic wound
types, costing the NHS an estimated £1billion pounds a year.


Safe working
load 320kg

125mm twin
braked castors

clearance 130mm

lift & back

tilt & leg rest


Padded arm
rests & side supports

Patient &
Clinician hand controls

3 function
foot switch

Cover for

Paper roll

removable 7cm cushion

Head cushion


Length: 168cm

Width: 78cm

Height: 56cm -






Package All 3 items

Ulcer Kit

Leg ulcers
affect around one in 500 people in the UK, although they become much more
common with age, rising to one in 50 people over the age of 80.

As the population ages, the
incidence of leg ulcers is expected to rise, although effective care delivered
by specialised nurses, with specific training in the application of compression
bandages and elevation of the limb, can improve healing rates and reduce

Thus, the availability of
dedicated Leg Ulcer Packages from Plinth 2000 will help to address this need.

Offered with either a 320kg
capacity bariatric chair or standard model with a 250kg safe working load, the
Plinth 2000 Leg Ulcer Package comprises a motorised, fully-adjustable treatment
chair, an ergonomically-designed nurse's chair, and a stainless steel,
variable-height trolley.

In line with the British
manufacturer’s move into trolleys, chairs and tables developed to assist
specific treatment types, the Leg Ulcer Package was designed in partnership
with the Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust and its leg ulcer and
back care teams. Both leg ulcer treatment chairs feature motorised
Trendelenburg tilt, backrest and divided footrest operation for maximum patient
comfort and enable optimum staff access for cleaning, dressing and even the
application of the latest "spray-on skin".

The divided leg facility
allows either limb to be suitably elevated, for reducing pressure in the veins,
and positions the leg precisely for dressing and compressive bandaging.

Designed for handling
heavier patients, the bariatric treatment chair has a safe working load of
320kg, with uprated motors, frame and bearings, and a wider 78cm seat than
standard. Motorised tilt, back and leg rest adjustment are controlled via a
3-function foot switch, including battery back-up in the event of a power failure.

There is also a convenient
hand switch for elevating each leg rest. Hardwearing, antimicrobial,
flame-retardant vinyl upholstery, comfort foam, breathing hole and padded arm
rests complete a purposeful design. The standard treatment chair offers the same
operational parameters and smooth motorised action as the bariatric model, but
with a regular 250kg safe working load and 63cm width.

On both chairs, there is an
unrivalled lifetime frame warranty and no-quibble five-year parts guarantee,
with the option of extending this coverage to10 years.

The wheeled dressing
trolley, designed for use with both treatment chairs, is made from
medical-grade stainless steel with a push handle and removable tray.

It is height adjustable
between 53cm and 82cm, to allow leg ulcers to be bathed and dressed at a
convenient height and ease the stress on nurses' knees and backs.

The clinician’s chair has
an "active seating" backrest that follows back movement and constantly
maintains an ideal seating posture.

The padded foam seat
reduces pressure on the thighs, the height is easily adjustable by a control
lever and the five-point chrome base provides excellent stability and
manoeuvrability. -

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