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ITO Medomer DM-5000 Intertermittant Sequential Compression Unit DISCONTINUED


The soft air pressure compress the body evenly from the toes to the thighs. INCLUDE 2 X LOWER LIMB CUFF & 1 AIR TUBE FOR 2 LOWER LIMB CUFFS

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Intermittant Sequential
Compression Unit | ITO Medomer DM-5000


Features of the ITO Medomer DM-5000
Intermittant, Sequential Compression Unit:

Overlapping inflation system offers
even, effective, comfortable compression

Microcomputer-controlled: the force
remains constant, irrespective of your legs or arm size

The soft air pressure compress the
body evenly from the toes to the thighs, free from localised pain


Power supply: AC 110 or 230V,

Pressure Range: 30-130 mmHg

Size: Dimensions: 315(W) x 222 (D) x
155 (H)mm Weight: 5.7kg


Lymphedema resulting from trauma,
tumers or Surgery

Reduction of Limb size. * Promotion
of blood circulation

Venous Stasis Ulceration

Unit Includes:

1 x DM5000 Medomer Unit

2 x B-50A Lower Limb Cuffs

1 x H-52A Air Tube for the

Optional Extras:

B-50A Lower Limb Cuff

U-50A Upper Limb Cuff

H-50A Air Tube for one B-50A Cuff

H-51A Air Tube for one U-50A Cuff

H-52A Air Tube for two U-50A Cuffs

Y-50A Extension Zipper-Lower Cuff

Y-51A Extension Zipper-Upper Cuff

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