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GAITRite portable gait analysis system. POA


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The GAITRite portable gait analysis system effortlessly provides valid and reliable measurements in real-time, such as: cadence, step length, and velocity. It’s simple to objectively quantity walking function & fall risk while documenting treatment outcomes. Prices depend on options required

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How does GAITRite work?

  • As the patient ambulates across the walkway, the system captures the geometry and the relative arrangement of each footfall as a function of time.
  • The application software controls the functionality of the walkway, processes the raw data into footfall patterns, and computes the temporal (timing) and spatial (distance) parameters. The software's relational database stores tests individually under each patient, and supports a variety
    of reports and analyses.
  • Testing patients with or without shoes, including those patients using assistive devices and ambulatory aids such as: crutches, walkers, or canes. In addition, testing patients pre- and post-treatment is quickly, and easily performed when utilizing this versatile and ingenious
    measurement tool.
  • The GAITRite electronic walkway system automates measuring spatial and temporal gait parameters.
  • The walkway is portable, can be laid over any flat surface, requires minimal setup and test time and requires no placement of any devices on
    the patient.
  • Parameters are computed along with their coefficient of
    variation Individual test reports and progress reports are configurable and easily generated.
  • .. Minutes! Roll it up...
  • Take it with you!
  • Immediate Pre-and Post-Treatment Feedback Provides Required
    Documentation Generates Outcomes Measures Facilitates Reimbursement
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