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EMED Lower Limb CPM


Lower Limb CPM, Child CPM also Available

Lower Limb CPM, Child CPM also Available

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Lower Limb CPM Features:

  1. CPU control setting ,display and controlled by both machine and motion controller.
  2. Can automatically run by angle control or speed control
  3. Can automatically controlled, including motion angle range and speed
  4. Use the motion support fitting for physiology curve
  5. In-time precision angle sensor

Lower Limb CPM Specifications:

Thigh bracket adjustment range:320mm-500mm

Crus bracket adjustment range: 330mm-450mm

Angle motion range of knee joint:0°-125°

Angle motion speed range of hip joint:25°-100°

Angle motion speed range of ankle joint:0°-40°

Angle motion speed range:0.5°-2.5°/s

Angle motion range of foot plate: ?40°

Power supply:220Vac,50Hz


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