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Educator Pelvic Floor Probe



Simple Probe which gives feedback of Pelvic Floor Muscle contractions

Simple Probe which gives feedback of Pelvic Floor Muscle contractions

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The Pelvic Floor Educator® is a unique and effective aid to help women develop a strong and healthy Pelvic Floor and eliminate the problems associated with incontinence.

The Educator® has been developed from the award-winning Periform® probe, used by continence care specialists throughout the world. Its unique form allows it to follow the movement of the internal walls of the vagina. This movement indicates how the muscles of your pelvic
floor are being contracted.

The external indicator part of the Educator® amplifies this movement to show whether these muscles are being contracted correctly or not.

The Pelvic Floor Educator® is an extremely simple form of visual biofeedback. Yet the information the Educator® provides could be some of the most valuable you will ever receive.

Healthcare professionals agree that teaching correct Pelvic Floor contractions is notoriously difficult. In fact, almost 40% will get it wrong* even with good one-to-one tuition.

The revolutionary Pelvic Floor Educator® instantly ensures that the Pelvic Floor Contractions are done properly.

What is the Educator Pelvic Floor Indicator?

Developed from the award winning Periform probe, the Educator provides an extremely simple and effective solution to help improve pelvic floor muscle strength and eliminate incontinence problems.

It is recognised by Continence Care Specialists that teaching pelvic floor contractions is extremely difficult. Studies have shown that even with first class one to one tuition, half of those instructed will not contract the correct muscle and more significantly some
could be in danger of damaging their pelvic floor with the incorrect contraction.

The Educator is a simple and easy to use device that shows if the pelvic floor muscles are being contracted correctly.

When can I use it?

The Educator is used in the treatment of pelvic floor weakness, stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence, including those caused by pregnancy and childbirth, the menopause and weight issues.

The Educator is used by continence specialists worldwide.

How does it work?

One of the main problems women experience when first attempting pelvic floor exercise is knowing whether they are doing them correctly. Many women think they are doing these exercises correctly when in fact they may not be.

The Educator's unique design follows the movement of the internal wall of your vagina, allowing you to see how your pelvic floor muscles are being contracted. If you contract your pelvic floor muscles and the indicator moves downward, you can be sure you're performing the
exercises correctly. It's as simple as that!


Even if you can already do pelvic floor exercises, the Educator can assess your technique and monitor your improvement.


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