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Ball Exercises exercises for beginners to advanced- DVD


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10 min Workout

10 min Workout

This DVD has clear instructions on how to perform the work outs, how long to hold each posture and how many repetitions to do. As your Personal Trainer at Home. Tanya will guide you through all the steps for maximum results. Including a series of safe and effective Pilates and Yoga routines, 10 Minute Core Strength represents a modern approach to home fitness exercises that has been designed, tested and prescribed by healthcare practitioners for optimal spinal fitness. In this DVD you will learn 10 ball exercises targeting the following areas: Upper back Abdominal Neck Lower back Hips and leg Posture By Tanya MacDonald Chiropractor, Fitness Trainer & Rehab Expert HBSc.Kin,BSc.App.Sc.,BSc.Chiro.,CPTN certified

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