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Access Power 4 Channel Digital Interferential, TENS/EMS Russian


Portable 4 channel EMS/TENS Stimulator

Portable 4 channel EMS/TENS Stimulator

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BLD Dual Stim is a portable electrotherapy device used for pain relief and relaxation of spastic muscles.

It is a 4 channel EMS TENS Stimulator.

The device featuring two Therapeutics modes: TENS & EMS

It comprises of Symmetrical biphasic square pulse.

BLD Dual StimIdeal for : Symptomatic relief of chronic and intractable pain.

EMS TENS Stimulator constitutes 4 Channels with 8 Electrodes. Versatile device for muscle stimulation

Results in overall reduction of pain.

Adjunctive treatment of post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain conditions.

Portable handheld electrotherapy device.

Technical Specifications

Main power supply 230 Vac, 50-60Hz, ±10%- 115 Vac, 50-60 Hz*, ±10%

Channel 4 Modes

TENS: 95Hz for 30min then 80Hz for 30 min. Pulse width 50-250 ?S (TENS), 250-400 ?S

EMS: Conventional, Synchronous & Alternate. (EMS) Pulse rate 1-120 Hz Ramp UP/DOWN 1-9 seconds Contraction/Relaxation time 1-30 Sec

Output Voltage 40Vpp

Treatment Time 1 – 60 min Electrical Type TYPE BF Power 9 V DC Adapter

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