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  • Plinth 2000 Model 502T 4 Section Electric Traction Couch - HPV Contrat

Plinth 2000 Model 502T 4 Section Electric Traction Couch - HPV Contrat

  • Product Code: 3-5000059
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • Price:

Friction free rolling top traction table,ideal for both lumbar and cervical traction (sitting or lying) including allharnesses, masts and a spreader bar. Available with or without an electronictraction unit.


·         uniquelifetime guarantee,

·         easy operation,

·         all masts andharnesses,

·         hoistaccessible,

·         low runningcosts,

·         high densityfire retardant foam, hardwearing anti-microbial vinyl,

·         able tolift 225kg from its lowest height,

·         full choiceof accessories and colours.

Standard specification

·         Either electric or hydraulic heightadjustment available.

·         Able to lift up to 225kg (35 stone) fromits lowest height.

·         Rolling top with a full 20cm (8”) travel.

·         Breathing hole and plug fitted asstandard

·         Cervical, thoracic and pelvic masts andharnesses supplied as standard.

·         Backrest adjustment by gas strutmechanism.

·         Backrest angle adjustable from -30º to +85º vertical.

·         Hoist clearance of 13cm (5”).

·         Adjustable foot for uneven floors.

·         Fully washable/ fire retardant Amblavinyl available in a range of colours.

·         Couch goes horizontal for patientrecovery in emergency situations.

·         Robust retractable castors for excellentmobility and safety.

·         CE marked in conformity with MDD93/42/EEC Annex IX Class 1.

·         Electrical standard IEC601 part 1.

Standard Options

·         Flexion stool.

·         Tru-Trac traction machine (for detailssee data sheet).

·         Battery backup (electric versiononly).