Coccyx Cushion

Located at the base of the spine the coccyx, also known as the ‘tail bone' can be the site of pain and discomfort. Due to its position the coccyx can sustain bruising or damage from falls or sitting down too heavily. Committed to delivering relief from pain and improving the quality of life of our patients and customers Access Health has a range of cushions, pillows, and other support equipment specifically designed to aid the healing process of the coccyx.
Manufactured from superior and durable materials and components our coccyx support products are perfect for patients of all ages and physical abilities. To find the right cushion for you feel free to browse through our outstanding range of products.

Supporta Coccyx Wedge Small Blue

Supporta Coccyx Wedge Small Blue

Seat cushion relieves pressure on the coccyx..


Shear Comfort Cushion It - for seat or wheelchair

Shear Comfort Cushion It - for seat or

Sheepskin Seat cushion..


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