Pilates Reformer

Perfect for assisting patients with successfully completing Pilates exercises the Pilates Reformer is an all-in-one platform that ensures the safe and satisfactory operation and completion of both simple and complex exercises.
Whether in use for rehabilitation or general health purposes the Pilates Reformer is a comfortable and efficient machine that can assist in completing multiple unique exercises. Given its size and shape the Reformer can also be easily stored away to increase space in your home or clinic.

DMA Fitness Reformer


DMA Jump Board

DMA Jump Board

The jumpboard is a useful standing platform and vertical surface that can accommodate standing balan..


DMA Pilates Reformers


DMA Pilates Trapeze Table

DMA Pilates Trapeze Table

DMA Pilates Trapeze Table..


DMA Platformer Reformer


DMA Thoracic Barrell


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