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  • Movinsense Nurses Patient repositioning alarm

Movinsense Nurses Patient repositioning alarm

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One of the most important ways to prevent pressure ulcers is by repositioning of patients. By making sure that patients do not lie too long in the same position we can prevent skin irritations that eventually lead to pressure ulcers. What are the practical advantages of the MovinSense  The system is wireless  It can be used by the nursing staff without the need for technical support  It saves time on paper administration, patient records are maintained  One device can be used over and over again on different patients  It supports teamwork and simplifies the co-ordination of repositioning routines
Short Description MovinSense sends a message to the nurses station when:
(1) A bedridden patient has been lying in the same position for a set period of time
(2) A bedridden patient has turned themselves and is now lying on an existing pressure ulcer