Wall Pulleys - Functional Trainers

Our range of wall pulleys offer great shoulder and upper body workouts, especially when it comes to vertical and horizontal traction, making them great functional trainers for your body. Pin-load wall pulley systems enable you to build resistance and strength at your own pace, working your way towards your fitness and strength goals.
Unlike some other exercise equipment, functional trainers like our wall pulley systems from ACCESS and Bodycraft mimic the natural use of muscle groups, building joint stability, coordination and strength in a more holistic way. This is why functional trainers are great additions to gyms, physio suites and even physical rehabilitation facilities. To find out more about our specific models, take a look below to see what's on offer.

ACCESS Plate Loaded Wall Pulley

ACCESS Plate Loaded Wall Pulley

Rehab Wall Pulley, The double is two single wall pulleys that can be placed side by side to exercise..


Bodycraft Functional trainer pin loaded Pulley Systems


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