Rehab Upright Bikes

Rehab upright bikes, pedal exercisers and ergometers offer a safe and controlled form of exercise and strength training, allowing patients recovery from injury or long periods of bedrest to control their workout. At Access Health, our great range of rehab upright bikes and ergometers allow both optimal rehabilitative training but also quantitative recovery and fitness assessment.
The Access Health range include rehab upright bikes from Monark, a trusted brand used the world over. Whether you want to fit out a gym with exercise equipment that's accessible to everyone, or you're specifically working in care and rehabilitation, Access Health is the rehab equipment provider you can trust.

Monark 871E Mini Rehab Trainer


Monark 874E - manual peak Ergometer cycle / bike for Wingate Test

Monark 874E - manual peak Ergometer cycle / bike

First-class new instrumentation to measure heart rate by using a chest belt, speed, pedal revolution..


Monark Rehab Trainer / Ergometer 881E

Monark Rehab Trainer / Ergometer 881E

Great adjustment possibilities in that the crank arms are independent from each other and can have d..


Monark Testing Bike 828E

Monark Testing Bike 828E

Ergometer Testing Bike..


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