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  • ETAC Turner Transfer Aid

ETAC Turner Transfer Aid

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Easy and safe transfers Turner reduces the risk of falling, and it also allows the caregiver to work in an ergonomically correct position.

Only the height of the handle and the lower leg support needs adjusting.

It is easy to bring or push out of the way when not in use, just tilt it on the castors and it will run smoothly on any surface.

Turner should only be used for persons who can adequately bear weight and thus stand with support.

Safe for the care recipient and easy on the caregivers back

Many often feel unsafe when being assisted from their bed to the wheelchair, and caregivers are subject to strain when assisting with the transfer.

With Turner, both the assisted person and the caregiver feel safe and the transfer is perfomed with ease.

Two models Turner comes in two models, with Oval or U-handle.

Short Description The ETAC Turner is a practical aid which supports and activates the patient when transferring from one seated position to another. It offers security for the person being transferred and will not strain the caregivers back.
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