Continence Wipes And Lotions

Incontinence is a common medical issue that can affect anyone at any time in their life, from childhood through to old age. Stocking your hospital, care facility or home with the right supplies to ensure a fast and dignified clean up and after-care is important.
At Access Health we supply a range of wipes to help clean up messes resulting from incontinence issues. Our additional range of lotions ensures proper skincare and moisturisation to prevent any chafing resulting from cleaning or wearing continence aids like absorbent pads.
Take a look through our catalogue now for quality continence care products, wipes and lotions.

Kylie Femme Washable Incontinence Underwear pants

Kylie Femme Washable Incontinence Underwear pants

The Kylie Super Washable Pants are soft and comfortable to wear and look like normal underwear. They..


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