Reachers are a vital tool when it comes to daily living and independence. Aging, disability and mobility issues can all impact a person's ability to pick something off the floor, high shelves or anything out of arms' reach of bed.
With an adaptive reacher, wheelchair users are able to reach high shelves, those with back issues can pick their keys off the ground – the range of uses are immense. Help those who need it extend their reach with grabbers and reachers.
They're adaptive tools - nifty gadgets for accessibility and independence.

ETAC Activ Reachers

ETAC Activ Reachers

ETAC Activ Reacher 70cm, 5 year warranty..


Reacher with Rotating Head 90cm

Reacher with Rotating Head 90cm

An ultra lightweight, robust reacher that will assist those with restricted reach and/or mobility pr..


Aluminium Economy Reacher 82cm


Reaching Aid Folding Reacher


Reaching Aid Premium Reacher 81cm


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