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Looking for high quality medical equipment hire? You can rely on Access Health.We’re your one-stop online shop stocking an extensive range for rentalincluding crutches (elbow/underarm varieties), ultrasound machines, CPM units and many more.

Browse our website and see what’s on offer.Our products are manufactured by professionals, for professionals. Enjoy thebenefit of our enhanced design, performance, durability and quality. Our medical equipment rental is reliable and our products are top quality – our crutches for hire are only $40 a month! 

Elbow Crutches - Hire

Elbow Crutches - Hire

Aluminium Light Weight, Anatomical hand grip $20/wk or $40/mth..


Hire Ultrasound - Rental

Hire Ultrasound - Rental

1Mhz Frequency Ultrasound Clinical Model Hire $120/mth or $50/wk..


Hire Underarm Crutches - Rental

Hire Underarm Crutches - Rental

Adjustable height, Aluminium light weight, specify your height $20/wk or $40/mth..


PodoTech S-Gel Heel Cup


PodoTech S-Gel Heel Spur Pad


Silicon Gel Sheet 406mm x 457mm


Silipos/Gel-Care Digital Pad


Standard Wheel Chair - Rental/week


Toe Spreaders Pair


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